7 Tips on overcoming anxiety

7 Tips on overcoming anxiety


 In our time its very common for individuals to suffer from a form of anxiety disorder such as social anxiety, panic attacks e.t.c. .

  Anxiety attacks strike many victims in their every day routine and are in fact a bigger percentage of mental illness than depression. The variety of different anxiety disorder types includes many different forms. The most common of them are nervousness, fear and panic attacks, phobia about something and repetitive rituals. The duration of each anxiety attack may vary from short term to long term depending on the seriousness of the condition. 

 Many times anxiety is attacking without any warning or sign, making it harder to deal with the problem. Anxiety disorder is a situation you can overcome and the sooner you start the battle against anxiety the easier it will be for you. 


 Beside the anxiety treatments the doctor will prescribe for your anxiety disorder situation, the following 7 tips can make overcoming anxiety disorder much more comfortable. 

1. Stay away from alcohol and drugs

 While many people will say that they get relieved from anxiety when they are on alcohol and drugs those things will in fact sink you even deeper in anxiety and will also lead to addictive behaviors. 

2. Enjoy a good night sleep

 Sleeping helps us recharge the energy of our bodies and clear our mind from the daily worries. Organize your schedule so you can have at least a full 8 hour night sleep. People who lack of night rest are more likely to develop or boost an existing anxiety disorder

3. Eat healthy and avoid junk food

  Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet is necessary for the battle against anxiety disorder. Caring for our body and avoiding the unnecessary sugar will help restrain anxiety

4. Add exercise in your program

  No matter how busy schedule you may have, find an hour every day to add exercise in your daily routine. Exercise, beside making us fitter will also free the unused energy from our bodies which gets suppressed and boosts anxiety attacks. 

5. Practice medication

  Meditating regularly will lead to mental stability and self-knowledge. Studies have shown that meditation is a great anxiety relief, and if done frequently it is a great tool in the battle against anxiety disorder

6. Seek support on friends and family

  Talking about the problem with a member of your family or a close friend will be a great help in relieving the intense anxiety you may experience. Not only you can find advice and support on these people, but also by talking about the situation and sharing your experience with someone else will be a great relief, lifting a serious burden off your shoulders. 

7. Visualization

  In the last decade many books and articles had been written on visualization and visualization techniques, spreading the belief that by visualizing yourself in the future with the attributes you want to obtain can change your future. Also, by being frustrated / negative and by projecting negative things about your self, you will affect your future self in a bad way. Change your thoughts and change your future! 

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