What is anxiety disorder?


What is anxiety disorder? 

Anxiety disorder

Is feeling anxiety some times normal?

  Feeling anxiety is normal for a human being and it is a part of our defence mechanism as primates and it is a warning system which triggers when we sense danger. Anxiety shows up when we are having intense distressing experiences and events in our lives and the intensity may vary for each different type of anxiety such as social anxiety, panic attacks or depression.

When the anxiety grows into anxiety disorder?


  Anxiety exceeds the normal limits when it shows up in the form of extreme worrying and fear making it impossible for someone to keep up with his everyday life and everyday activities.This situation is called “Anxiety disorder” containing terms such as “social anxiety disorder” and “panic attacks disorder”.

  Anxiety disorder is a common mental malfunction in our time and many people suffer from common or extreme forms of anxiety and panic attacks. The good news are that there is a number of treatments the individual who suffers from anxiety disorders can take depending of his situation and always by taking the doctor’s advice.Getting information on what is anxiety disorder and panic attacks is the first step to realise whether you suffer from one of these conditions and act more efficiently.

 Anxiety disorder can be triggered from a different variety of reasons for each person. One can have anxiety disorder in the form of obsession or fear for something that is completely normal for someone else.It can also be triggered suddenly during the day without any reason at all making the everyday life of someone, a struggle to keep up with his activities. 

What are the sympoms of anxiety disorder?

  Having in mind the definition of “what is anxiety disorder” you should identify if you have any of the symptoms and signs which reveal whether you suffer from anxiety disorder / panic attacks or not.There are symptoms in both the psychology and the body of an individual. 

Psychological symptoms


2.Need to escape


4.Need to avoid any contact with other people 

Body signs


  Night sleep can be difficult for a human suffering from anxiety disorder.

2.Breathing difficulties

  Stress and anxiety results abnormalities in the patient’s breathing.


  Unexplained shudder can be shown up during anxiety attacks.


  Exhausted body and lack of energy without any reason can be an indicator of anxiety disorder.

5.Heart palpitations

  Panic attacks and stress will have the side effect of heart palpitations.

Those were some of the most common symptoms a person suffering from some form of anxiety disorder / panic attacks encounters. There are many more anxiety disorder indicators and they can vary for each human depending the gravity of each mental condition.

  If someone shows one or more of these anxiety symptoms listed above, there is a serious chance from him to be in the process of developing an anxiety disorder.