Things that you can do to effect positive change in your life



  Are you currently battling your anxious feelings? Recurring and intense feelings of anxiety is able to prohibit you from doing your daily activities, which includes those things that you love doing. You’ve probably sat down and asked yourself what you can do to fix this problem. The good news is that there are many methods that you can use to reduce anxiety.

There are also many other things that you can do to effect positive change in your life, they are as follows…

1. Become more aware on the causes of your anxiety situation.Take some time to concentrate and pinpoint the part of your body where you are feeling anxiety, that way you can focus all your attention there until it disappears. As an example, you may have tension in your stomach or neck. In order for you to reduce your anxiety level, you should consider doing this for at least 5 minutes.

2. Keep yourself occupied: If you spend a lot of your time laying or sitting around doing absolutely nothing, then it’s likely that it will result in you thinking about those worries. That is the worst approach to adopt, if you are trying to reduce your anxiety. Instead, you should consider spending your time doing something such as cleaning your bedroom, reading a book or washing up. You could also take up hypnosis in order to control your anxiety level.

3. Exercise on a regular basis: Working out on a regular basis is able to help reduce your anxiety level. Simple things such as walking or doing yoga are adequate enough.

4. Help others as a way of helping yourself: If you spend your time doing positive things, then it will have a positive effect on how you feel about yourself. Spending time helping others is an effective way of directing your anxiety into something constructive.

5. Think positively: If you spend time thinking positively about things and how you feel they will turn out, it will have a positive effective on your overall condition. Positive thinking is one of the most effective ways of reducing your anxiety level.

6. Spend time talking: It can be a rather pleasurable experience, talking with a friend or family member. Take some time to meet up with friends or family members so that you can have your ideal discussions. This way you will focus your energy and thoughts on something constructive and not on your feelings of anxiety.

7. Start writing your own “thank you” journal: As soon as you start keeping this journalyou can create a list of things that you are thankful about, everyday. It may be a note that one of your children put on the fridge the other day, or it could be a look that you received from a stranger, or maybe it’s the nice weather, whatever it is, you shouldn’t forget to write it down in your journal. This can be a highly effective way of reducing your anxiety, because most of your attention and thoughts will be preoccupied with positive feelings.

8. Spend time laughing: You should never be too afraid to unwind. The reality is that laughter is highly effective at reducing your anxiety level, as it prevents you from worrying and feeling too miserable. So spend some time watching a funny movie or TV show. Do things which make you happy, regardless of how silly it may be.

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