Five factors which foster anxiety disorder

Five Anxiety Factors 

Five factors which foster anxiety disorder

  It is natural for every human to have in some situations anxiety attacks, mainly during the time traumatic events and stressful situations take place. According to psychology experts , anxiety is a defence mechanism of our body which warns us about possible danger which may put our lives on risk. Anxiety disorder is when the “anxiety” alarm triggers without any warning, many times for no reason at all preventing the individual from living a normal life.

What is anxiety disorder?


  The term “Anxiety Disorder” covers an area where different types of intense fear, phobia and anxiety take place. Anxiety attacks can be delivered in forms of uncommon social inhibitions, different obsessions and repeating rituals.The common thing among the different type of anxiety disorders is the persistent fear and consistent worrying.

  To answer the question “What is anxiety disorder” we must have in mind a number of different factors. The first characteristic of anxiety disorder is the continuous and consistent appearance of anxiety and fear. Then, anxiety and fear start to poison all social interactions and activities which results the anxiety disorder to become stronger every time. Finally the anxiety disorder will cause emotional withdrawal for the individual among with isolation.

  There is a number of different factors which can lead to anxiety disorder. We can sum up those factors in the following five different categories.


1.Brain chemistry

  Various imbalances in brain’s neurotransmitters can develop a fertile place for the development of anxiety disorder. Some of the medicine doctors prescribe as anxiety treatment in these situations, try to readjust the chemical imbalances of the brain.


2. Personality

  People who develop extreme anxiety conditions tend to over-analyse the people around them and the environment they are, as threatening. Those people act in every situation with the belief that they are powerless against every other individual or situation, developing an inferiority complex. The development of social anxiety and panic attacks will become stronger and stronger as these behaviors exist in the individual.

3.Traumatic experiences

  Traumatic experiences can be the root of many anxiety conditions, especially in younger age. Abuse from family members, separation from parents, humiliation and other intense situations will be a great contribution in the development of anxiety disorder. Many forms of social anxiety and panic disorders have their roots in the family of the individual and can be the reason of mental illness even if we have forgotten them.



  Mental disorders such as anxiety disorder can be hereditary in the way body conditions are. Studies have shown that people who have close family members suffering from a kind of mental disorder, are more likely to also develop a psychological disorder than people who dont have that kind of history in their family.


5.Financial problems

  Financial problems or work difficulties can be a great help for anxiety disorder to show up. Money difficulties are one of the biggest stress sources inside the modern human and they are responsible for a great deal of mental illnesses including anxiety, social anxiety and panic disorder

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