Everything about Agoraphobia

Everything about Agoraphobia 

everything about agoraphobia

  There is a number of different anxiety disorders someone may notice in his behavior. The common line on those disorders is the intense anxiety which will eventually lead to panic attacks. One of these disorders is agoraphobia which is one of the most treated phobia according to doctors, with some pretty serious and severe symptoms on the patient.

  When we talk about agoraphobia, we talk about the intense fear a person may experience when the situation demands from him to leave the safety of his home or personal safe area and enter the outside world. Patients experiencing agoraphobia may also be suffering from other phobias, obsessive behaviors or compulsive rituals. Likewise, the individual is also experiencing panic attacks when he feels unsafe, or when he ventures outside of his comfort zone. The result of this is the restrainment of the person in his house, or even to a certain room in his house where the intense feelings calm down and he feels safe again.

  While many people may say that agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces or crowded spaces these opinions in fact don’t represent the meaning of the condition despite the fact that these disorders may also exist in the patient along with agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is the fear someone may have when he encounters the chance to part from what he call normal area regardless of the crowd he may encounter.

  Agoraphobics feel the need to be always in control of the situation and many people while they don’t leave their homes often, they are always open and welcoming to visitors in their house. This kind of disorder is more likely to be shown up in women rather than men. Despite that fact, agoraphobia is likely to show up in everyone regardless of age, race or economic status.

  Agoraphobia usually starts with panic attacks and small phobias and it gets multiplied as the time passes. Thankfully today there is a variety of agoraphobia treatments both medical and alternatives which must be picked by a doctor while having in mind the seriousness and the intensity of each case.

  There is a big list of people who have been diagnosed with agoraphobia in some aspect of their lives including some famous people like Kim Basinger, Woody Allen, Paula Dean and many more. In conclusion, agoraphobia is a fully curable situation and with some effort and persistence the person can be fully cured from agoraphobia.

  If you suffer from agoraphobia,even in the first stages, ask for professional help so you can begin your healing process

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